Saturday, January 27, 2018

DgCustomerFirst – The Steps to Join in Dollar General Customer First Survey

About DgCustomerFirst

DgCustomerFirst is the online portal of Dollar General Satisfaction Survey. In this site, the customers can give their assessment through DG’s performance. Even they may answer both of like-scale statement and descriptive questions. And, the result will show their satisfaction. In hope, the result can be the management reviews and decide its performance. You may get a further information about it in dgcustomerfirst.

The rules in Dgcustomerfirst

There are some rules in DgCustomerFirst, those are:

• At First, the participant should be at least 18 years old.
• The next, only the resident of United States can join in this online survey.
• The third, the participant should have the survey invitation code with its available time for the survey.
• The last, Dollar General’s staff and its family cannot join in this survey.

The requisites in Dgcustomerfirst

Here the requisites in Dgcustomerfirst. The participants should ensure that they have prepared all the requisites well. Then, the requisites are:

• The first: the participant should prepare the tools to join. The tools can be a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.
• The second: every tool has the stable internet connection.
• The third: the participant can understand the basic of English or Spanish.
• The fourth: the last receipt of the customers is in good condition. In this case, all the information in the receipt is readable.
• The last: the participant should prepare a pen or pencil.

The steps in DgCustomerFirst

In general, the steps in DgCustomerFirst are not complicated. The steps are:

• The First (1):
The participants should write in their internet search tools. Then, they may choose their preferred language. In this case, they may choose between English and Spanish.
• The second (2):
Then, the participants can submit the survey invitation code. There are more than ten digits numbers. Even, the customers should input the code in clarity and detail. Then, they may also give the information about the store, and day and date of the current visit.
• The third (3):
After that, the participant may rate some like-scale statements. In this case, the participant can rate in a range one up to five.
• The fourth (4):
After like-scale statements are complete, the participants can explore their complaints or suggestion in this section. Here, DG’s management will offer the participants with some clear questions.
• The fifth (5):
The participants can write their detail information. Even, the information talks about their full name, address, email and phone number.
• The sixth (6):
In this section, the participants can send their review and wait for the next information from Dollar General Customer Service.

The reward from Dgcustomerfirst

As the high appreciation from Dollar General Management, they provide a great prize for the participants in DgCustomerFirst. The reward in this site is $1000 cash. If the participants are lucky, they may get this reward and redeem on their next visit. Instance, DG’s management offers the other prizes. In this case, the participants may get the opportunity to get a free discount for about $2 or $5 in their next shopping.

Dollar General Customer Service

If you find some problems in Dgcustomerfirst, you may contact Dollar General Customer Services. They will be available in Monday to Friday at Dollar General Hours. The customer service bases are:

• Dollar General Customer Service Phone Number
You may contact the customer service at 615 855 4000
• Dollar General Address
Then, the participants can send their review or feedback via mailing. They may send their letter to 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville. It is in Tennessee, 37072, United States.
• Dollar General Main Website
The participant can look for the detail information about products, price, career, and menu and receipts on its main website. The participants can write in their internet search tools. Even, the participants can write the email and send it via this main website.