Friday, January 12, 2018

Free Sandwich from Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant for All Customers

When it is about healthy food and fast food, we may choose sandwich as the best choice. In this case, you can choose Checkers and Rally’s sandwich that will make your day. Moreover, if you get free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich, it will be an awesome day in your life! Why not? You can participate in Guest Obessed Survey that you can complete for about less than eight minutes. You do not have to buy anything to enter the survey. Simply, you can use your recent 2018 Checkers and Rally’s receipt.

About Guest Obessed Feedback Experience Survey

For information, Guest Obessed is an online guest feedback experience survey program held by Checkers and Rally’s Restaurant. In this case, the restaurant has some goals and one of them is to measure how happy the customers are. It also has a mission to track the customers who are not happy complete with the reasons. As a response, the restaurant team then will make improvements to some products and services complained by the customers.

For information, the survey is accessible at You can only access the website if you have an internet connection. And to do this, you must follow all Checkers and Rally’s Survey instructions. As the GuestObessed Survey rewards, you will get Guest Obessed Validation Code. You can bring the Checkers and Rally’s coupon code and redeem it for Checkers and Rally’s sandwich.

How to Participate in Checkers and Rally’s Survey Step by Step?

When you want to take Guest Obessed Survey, there are some things that you must prepare. They are an electronic device that has internet browser, internet connection, as well as Checkers and Rally’s receipt. Once you get everything is around you, then you can follow the steps here:

Step 1
At the starting point, you will have to connect your device to the internet. Then, open the internet browser for the sake of visiting Checkers and Rally’s official site. Write the address that is at the address bar. Click “enter” to search the website. Once you see the Checkers and Rally’s survey homepage, you can go to the next step. If you fail, you can check the internet connection or JavaScript setting.

Step 2
After reaching the official website, you can start filling out the data. The goal is to pass the Guest Obessed login portal and enter the GuestObessed survey. The first data you must fill is the Checkers and Rally’s Store Number. It is in the form of 4 digits and you must input them correctly.

Step 3
After that, you can continue to fill out the date and time of your last Checkers and Rally’s visit. To make it easy, you can click the calendar widget available on the website. Scroll to the date that you want easily.

Step 4
Then, you have to answer the whole GuestObessed questions honestly. It should be based on your experience when you visited the Checkers and Rally’s store. If it is bad, you should not make up the store and your feelings.

Step 5
When you have answered the whole Guest Obessed Survey questions, you can click “submit”. Then, you will receive Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code. It will be the Checkers and Rally’s coupon code that you can redeem for the free Checkers and Rally’s Sandwich. Somehow, the restaurant may offer other Checkers and Rally’s menu as the prizes based on the promotion period.

Step 6
Congratulation! You have completed the mission in participating in Checkers and Rally’s Survey. Now, you can carry the GuestObessed Validation Code that you have saved with the receipt. Go to the nearest Checkers and Rally’s store locations and give the code to the restaurant staff.

How to Contact Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service?

Alright! As customers, somehow you may need to contact the customer service of Checkers and Rally’s. In this case, you do not have to worry as you can try many ways in doing so. Here the Checkers and Rally’s contact details that you may try:

• Checkers and Rally’s Phone Number

The first contact you may try is the Checkers and Rally’s phone number that is available at 1 800 800 8072. In dialing this hotline, you should know the Checkers and Rally’s hours of operation. Otherwise, you will end up getting no response as Checkers and Rally’s office is closed.

• Checkers and Rally’s Official Sites

The next, you can visit the official websites that are or All websites here are just the same as it is owned by the Checkers and Rally’s restaurant.

• Checkers and Rally’s Corporate Office Address

The last, you may prefer to write a letter and here you can send it to Checkers and Rally’s headquarter. The address would be 4300 West Cypress Street Suite 600, in Tampa, Florida 33606, United States.

So, it is all about Guest Obessed Customer Feedback Experience that you have to know. You may get it fun as spending your five minutes can bring you to free delicious Checkers and Rally’s sandwich. Best luck!