Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What are Restaurant’s Dining Etiquettes?

Dining out in the restaurant with your family or friends is an exciting moment. It is the time to celebrate the certain event. But, if you dine in the restaurant for the business call, you should consider the dining etiquette. Mastering the dining etiquettes is necessary when you are on the social gathering. But, you should not get intimidated. You just need to learn the basic rules of dining. Then, your colleagues will appreciate you. You have to obey the protocols before enjoying the dishes. Do you need any guideline for this case? Here are some dining etiquettes you need to master.

• Booking and arrival.

With the help of your gadget, you can book a restaurant reservation easily. You should note that the luxurious restaurant requires a reservation before you go there. You just need to decide the date, time, and the number of guests. The restaurant staff will offer the seat preference. Even you have booked a table, you should not come late. You should arrive at this restaurant punctually.

• Food ordering.

You have to sit comfortably at your preference table. Then, you can talk to the waiter politely. You should read the menu well. Then, after deciding the food you are going to order, you should mention it correctly. Never misspell the name of the menu. If you go to with another person, you should ask their suggestion or preference. Then you should order quickly. Do not let the waiter waits for your order too long. If you are not familiar with the dishes, you can ask for the waiter’s suggestion. You can ask about the favorite menu in that restaurant. When you speak to the waiter, you have to maintain your tone. Keep speaking in the low tone. So, you can maintain your etiquette.

• Eating.

Now, the waiter is serving the hot tasty food at your table. But, you should not eat this dish immediately. You have to arrange your napkins by yourself. Besides, you also need to let the waiter arrange the drink and cutleries. Even the aroma of the dish may challenge your patience, you should be able to hold on your appetite. When everything is ready, you can start eating. You should eat by picking an item at one time. You have to use the forks, knife, and spoon decorously. Do not play with this eating equipment. Swallow your food before speaking with your partner.

Then, you should not eat in hurry. You should enjoy your food. You also can enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. you may be amazed at the elegant decoration. Besides, the wonderful interior may attract you. Then, do you see the clean tablecloth and floor? Make sure that you do not stain them. If you want to throw away some of your food, you have to ask for an extra plate. Never litter on the floor or table.

• Leaving.

You should not leave your table immediately. You have to clean your table. Never let your table be messy when you leave the restaurant. You can use your napkin to clean the table. Do not forget to tip the waiter

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Great Ways – The Ways to Start Conversation with Your New Friends

Meeting a new people is the greatest moment in your life. But, lots of people have a different point of view. Some people think that it is a great one, but the others may think that it is annoying. Some people have a good ability to start a new conversation with someone new, but the others are not the same. So that’s way, you need to know more about the ways to solve its problem.

This article will lead you to find the great ways to start the conversation with your new friends. Even, you will solve the strange feeling when you want to start the conversation, but you don’t know what you must do. And, here they are:

• The first (1):
The first great ways are about the greeting. In this case, the greeting is useful to catch your new friends’ attention. Even, by saying hello to them, it shows that you are friendly and openable to a new relation.

• The second (2):
The next great ways are about to open the interesting topic. In this occasion, you should open the conversation with a simple topic, but it interests them to participate. For example, you may ask about their breakfast menu with this question, “Whoa; your breakfast looks so delicious, do you make it by yourself?”

• The third (3):
Then, the next great ways that you must understand is about to avoid a sarcastic topic in your first conversation. However, you are recently meet them, and you don’t know them as well. Maybe, they will not be comfortable with that topic, and even they will be offended by it. In this occasion, you may ask about their hobbies or the current issues in your work or school.

• The fourth (4):
Afterward, the next great ways are about your appearance. In this case, you should give your best smile to your new friends. However, a smile is the best tool to start the best relationship with someone new. The other appearances are such as you nod your head when your friends are talking and listen as well as possible. Even, you need to make an eye-contact with them. Belief or not, these reactions can make them enjoy because you show that you are interested in.

• The fifth (5):
In this section, you need to control your emotion. This way maybe is the hardest task for some people. But, it is something that they must do. In your first conversation, maybe you find a strange situation or facts that they are not suitable for you. At that moment, you need to control your emotion and your face to still be calm and friendly. No matter you may share your own opinion about something, but make sure that your state it in a polite way.

• The sixth (6):
At last of the great ways, you have to appreciate your new friends. In this case, you have to open your mind that there are a thousand people that are not in line with you. In a personal case, maybe you think that you are not suitable for them, but you must show that you appreciate them as a new friend.

Alright! To start a new relationship with someone new is not easy but it is also not difficult enough. In this case, you should ensure that you must respect and appreciate them as well as possible. Remember, God sends someone and something in our life because of any reason. So, you have to find its reason through many ways. In a hope, this article will be useful to help you find the great ways to start the conversation with someone new. Come one! Say hello to your new friends and be a good friend for them. Wish you luck!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

DgCustomerFirst – The Steps to Join in Dollar General Customer First Survey

About DgCustomerFirst

DgCustomerFirst is the online portal of Dollar General Satisfaction Survey. In this site, the customers can give their assessment through DG’s performance. Even they may answer both of like-scale statement and descriptive questions. And, the result will show their satisfaction. In hope, the result can be the management reviews and decide its performance. You may get a further information about it in dgcustomerfirst.

The rules in Dgcustomerfirst

There are some rules in DgCustomerFirst, those are:

• At First, the participant should be at least 18 years old.
• The next, only the resident of United States can join in this online survey.
• The third, the participant should have the survey invitation code with its available time for the survey.
• The last, Dollar General’s staff and its family cannot join in this survey.

The requisites in Dgcustomerfirst

Here the requisites in Dgcustomerfirst. The participants should ensure that they have prepared all the requisites well. Then, the requisites are:

• The first: the participant should prepare the tools to join. The tools can be a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.
• The second: every tool has the stable internet connection.
• The third: the participant can understand the basic of English or Spanish.
• The fourth: the last receipt of the customers is in good condition. In this case, all the information in the receipt is readable.
• The last: the participant should prepare a pen or pencil.

The steps in DgCustomerFirst

In general, the steps in DgCustomerFirst are not complicated. The steps are:

• The First (1):
The participants should write www.dgcustomerfirst.com in their internet search tools. Then, they may choose their preferred language. In this case, they may choose between English and Spanish.
• The second (2):
Then, the participants can submit the survey invitation code. There are more than ten digits numbers. Even, the customers should input the code in clarity and detail. Then, they may also give the information about the store, and day and date of the current visit.
• The third (3):
After that, the participant may rate some like-scale statements. In this case, the participant can rate in a range one up to five.
• The fourth (4):
After like-scale statements are complete, the participants can explore their complaints or suggestion in this section. Here, DG’s management will offer the participants with some clear questions.
• The fifth (5):
The participants can write their detail information. Even, the information talks about their full name, address, email and phone number.
• The sixth (6):
In this section, the participants can send their review and wait for the next information from Dollar General Customer Service.

The reward from Dgcustomerfirst

As the high appreciation from Dollar General Management, they provide a great prize for the participants in DgCustomerFirst. The reward in this site is $1000 cash. If the participants are lucky, they may get this reward and redeem on their next visit. Instance, DG’s management offers the other prizes. In this case, the participants may get the opportunity to get a free discount for about $2 or $5 in their next shopping.

Dollar General Customer Service

If you find some problems in Dgcustomerfirst, you may contact Dollar General Customer Services. They will be available in Monday to Friday at Dollar General Hours. The customer service bases are:

• Dollar General Customer Service Phone Number
You may contact the customer service at 615 855 4000
• Dollar General Address
Then, the participants can send their review or feedback via mailing. They may send their letter to 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville. It is in Tennessee, 37072, United States.
• Dollar General Main Website
The participant can look for the detail information about products, price, career, and menu and receipts on its main website. The participants can write www.dollargeneral.com in their internet search tools. Even, the participants can write the email and send it via this main website.

Friday, January 19, 2018

MyCFAvisit – Get your Free Sandwich After Giving Feedback on myCVAvisit’s Survey

Chil-Fil-A is the famous chicken sandwich restaurant in America. This restaurant is also as one of the most prominent Chains restaurants in the world. The chicken sandwich is its special menus with the others additional menus. Have you tasted the chicken sandwich today? Keep your last receipt and directly go to MyCFAvisit to give your feedback on myCFAvisit’s survey. Your reward is waiting there!

Do you know about myCFAvisit?

MyCFAvisit is an Chick-Fil-A survey authorized. It is the online survey platform of Chick-Fil-A restaurant. chick-Fil-A restaurant comes in the middle of its customers and hear what they want and wish about chick-Fil-A. The customers can freely give their feedbackChick-Fil-A’sFil-A’s performances by visiting the website address www.mycfavisit.com.

Mycfavisit’s survey also provides the unique reward to all the surveyors as the appreciation to them. The customers should take attention to these qualifications to complete the online survey successfully.

There are some purposes in myCFAvisit’s survey. First, the chick-Fil-A official wants to get closer to its customers. Second, this online survey platform gives the free space to all its customers to provide their feedback, comment, and recommendations. Third, the customer’s feedback will affect the next chick-Fil-A’s performance. Those recommendations will be the revision for all chick-Fil-A’s workers to work and serve better.

Do you know about the rules in myCFAvisit?

To give the feedback successfully, the customers should prepare themselves as the qualified surveyor. There are some qualifications to be the right surveyor in myCFAvisit’s survey. Unfortunately, for the unqualified customers cannot access the online survey platform and cannot get the great reward from chick-Fil-A official. Read the information below carefully:

➔ First, you must 18 years old customer
➔ Second, you must take the part of United States citizen
➔ Third, you have visited chick-Fil-A restaurant and still kept your last receipt. It is available for a period after your visit.
➔ Fourth, You understand with English or Spanish
After you ensure that you are a qualified customer to give the survey on www.mycfavisit.com, you should start your online review.

Do you know about the ways in myCFAvisit?

There are some ways to give the survey and feedback on myCFAvisit. Before you do that, make sure that you have prepared some of the stuff. First, don’t forget to prepare your PC, Laptop or smartphone. Second, don’t forget to prepare the internet connection or WiFi access. Third, don’t forget to prepare a pen or pencil. Then, you may follow these instructions:

➔ First of all, go the official website of mycfavisit’s survey on www.mycfavisit.com
➔ Second of all, chose the language you prefer. It may be English in Spanish.
➔ Third of all, enter the code number. The are some digit numbers which is available on your receipt.
➔ Fourth of all, give some information about the date and the hour of your visit. It is available on your receipt also.
➔ The fifth of all, you may answer the following questions about chick-Fil-A restaurant. The questions are about the food quality, price, workers’ manner and services, and about your opinion about the restaurant. You should give the feedback honestly based on your perspectives.
➔ Sixth of all, you may submit your feedback and leave your personal information. You should give clearly as the primary information of the office when you are the winner of this online survey. Prepare your phone number and Email Address.
➔ Seventh of all, when you get the coupon code, it means that you are the winner. Directly, you should write your validation number on the back side of your receipt and redeem it to the waitress to take your reward.
You have known about the ways to get the survey in myCFAvisit. Now, you should visit this restaurant and go on to www.mycfavisit.com to give your feedback.

Do you know about the reward on myCFAvisit?

After finishing the online survey, you may get the validation code. The code is the sign that you get a chance to grab your reward on your next visit to chick-Fil-A restaurant. In your next visit, you should show the code to the waitress or customer service. Then, you have the opportunity to enjoy your free sandwich. Remember, chick-Fil-A restaurant is the best chicken sandwich in the United States. There are some rules when you want to redeem your validation code, those are:

➔ The coupon code is available not more than 30 days of your survey
➔ The coupon code is available just in one visit
➔ You can not change the coupon code with a cash
➔ You can not transfer your coupon code to the others customers
➔ You have to tear the coupon after you give it to the customer service or waitress.

Do you know about chick-Fil-A restaurant?

chick-Fil-A restaurant is one of the most prominent chain’s restaurants in the United States. Truett Cathy as the founder of chick-Fil-A restaurant built this in 1946. This restaurant is a part of fast food restaurant in the United States which is the chicken sandwich specialist. It promotes in more than 2200 restaurant in the mostly United States region except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Vermont.

Chick-Fil-A restaurant is the fast food restaurant that serves all the varieties of the chicken sandwich and chicken dishes. This restaurant is also well-known as the best Sunkist lemon producers in the entire world. Up to know, this restaurant becomes bigger and bigger and have officially worked a thousand of employees.

Do you know about the contact person of chick-Fil-A restaurant?

If you want to contact the customer service you may contact one of some the information below:

➔ Phone number: 1 866 232 1040
➔ Mail Address: Chick Fil A Cares, PO BOX 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139-9923
➔ Website address: www.mycfavisit.com

I hope that all the information above can give the benefit of all the chick-Fil-A’s customers. Don’t forget to put your feedback on www.mycfavisit.com and grab your delicious chicken sandwich.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

TalktoSonic – Grab your free braces drink on TalktoSonic Survey

A lot of numbers of Fast Food Restaurant also impact on the strict of the competition between the Food Industrial Agent. Sonic Drive-In who based in Oklahoma, United States is also one of the fast food chains that are the success in Food Industry. This fast food restaurant also provides the online survey platform to all the customers. Have you left your command there? Don’t miss it and grab your braces drink.

What is TalktoSonic?

TalktoSonic is one of the online survey platforms. It is kept up by Sonic Drive-In Management. This online survey gives the free space to all the customers to leave their bad or good opinion about Sonic’s performance. TalktoSonic Survey is available on www.talktosonic.com. This online platform survey also provides the wonderful prizes to all its lovely customers.

Talk to Sonic Survey will ask you about some of your experiences during your visiting in Sonic. The questions are about the employee’s behavior, the food’s quality, your satisfaction about Sonic in general until your frequency in visiting Sonic. Your bad or good command about Sonic is so useful to give the recommendation and make this fast food restaurant better.

What is the rule on TalktoSonic?

There are some rules in talktosonic survey. Such as:

a. You must minimally 18 years old customer.
b. You are not a member of Sonic’s employe or the family’s employee.
c. Your talktosonic guest satisfaction code can’t be transferred to the others customers or users.
d. Your last receipt is not more than three days visiting.
e. You have to provide your contact number as your identity.

What are the steps on TalktoSonic?

There are some steps when you want to leave TalktoSonic Survey. You have to pay attention and prepare you notes to apply these steps. Before you start your review, it is better for you to make sure that you have an Internet Connection because of this survey in the online types. Then you may access www.talktosonic.com from your PC, Laptop or Smartphone.

Read the following instructions below:

a. First, visit the website address www.talktosonic.com
b. Second, choose your preferred language. There are English and Spanish.
c. Third, look at the bottom of your receipt. You will find the ID number. Then, you may enter it to the chapter to start the online survey.
d. Forth, you also put your date and hours of your visit. It will appear on your receipt.
e. Fifth, Talk to Sonic survey will give you some of the demographic questions about Sonic’s performance. It is such as Like-scale statement. You have to choose the item based on your assessment of Sonic. Please be honest.
f. Sixth, you may submit your review and wait the Sonic Drive-In management check youth review. They will choose the winner to get a special prize from Sonic.
g. Seventh, don’t forget to leave your identity like as your complete name, email address, and phone numbers.
h. Eight, Sonic Drive-In management will send you a coupon code to your email. When you get the coupon code, it means that you are the winner of the online survey.

What is the Reward on TalktoSonic?

The reward from TalktoSonic is a complementary route 44 drink. This reward can be redeemed directly to all the Sonic’s outlet in the world. You just show your coupon code to the Customer Service and get your reward directly. There are some rules of your reward, those are:

a. The coupon code can’t be transferred. It is your Coupon.
b. The coupon code is available just one visiting.
c. You may redeem your coupon code for not more than 60 days after you get the Coupon Code from Sonic Driver-In Management.
d. The Coupon Code can’t be changed with the others and bear it after you redeem it.

What is Sonic Drive-In?

Sonic Drive-In is well-known as Sonic. It is one of the big Fast Food Chain in America. Sonic was built on June, 18, in 1953. In its first building, Sonic Drive-In becomes the biggest or the Top Hat Drive-In Company in the world. The founder of Sonic is Try Smith in Oklahoma City, United States.

Nowadays, Sonic is a part of success Fast Food Chains where has 3550 branches in around 44 countries in the world. “Service with the Speed of Sound” is the slogan of Sonic and it proofs with its loyalty in serving the customers. Sonic serves some of the special menus of Fast Food restaurants such as French Fries, Corn Dogs, Sandwiches, breakfast toasted, and all the kinds of braces beverages. How yummy it is!

What is the Contact Number of Sonic?

Until now, Sonic Drive-In still opens the franchise outlet for all its customers. When you need help and question about Sonic, you may contact this contact person:

a. Phone number ( Monday-Friday) : 866-657-6642 or 405-225-5000
b. Mail address: Sonic, 300 Johnny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73104
c. Website address: www.talktosonic.com

Ok, guys, let’s try to share your review on TalktoSonic and grab your braces drink, good luck!